Artisan's Voices

Hand Painting

Decisive expression with the brush

One of Aoyagi’s greatest areas of speciality is our combined application of yuzen and shibori.

Something beautiful is born from the soft tones of shibori complemented by the distinct pigments of yuzen on the same fabric.

“I’m always excited by the range of colors I can create when mixing dyes, and over time I’ve become familiar with how different dyes react to different brushes; there are over 100 brushes.”

Sometimes our artisan’s will decide to use different colors than in the original design. They are equipped with many dyes and brushes, and can recognize when deviation from the design will produce a better outcome.

The number of possible colors is infinite, and it is interesting to know how different colors evoke different emotions within different people.

Working completely in-house, our artisans can easily confer with one another and share such opinions.